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change through exploration.
grow through connection.

my approach to therapy
can be summed up in three words...


You are not alone in your struggles. I will support you, guide you and encourage you as we work together to affect change and enhance personal growth. Because we all heal best in context of relationships that are nurturing, our reflections and interactions within a safe supportive environment will help inform and evolve your relationships outside of therapy.


We’ll reflect not only on the source of your challenges, we’ll explore your reactions to them, and discus ways to work through your conflict so you can transform your pain into a source of greater personal strength and success. We’ll look at ineffective coping and behaviors that may have served you in the past, but are now barriers to healing.


I specialize in helping people gain a greater awareness of their choices, attain understanding of their present circumstances, and transform fear and anger into forward movement and action. To help you realize your potential, we’ll look not only to the past but also to the future so that we can arrive at creative solutions that can help you develop alternative ways of dealing with challenging situations.

change is possible!

If you’re ready to take flight from internal constraints, achieve your goals and live more authentically, please contact me to arrange an initial appointment.

my credentials

Dr. Ron clinical psychologist Chicago

Dr. Yael Ron

Licensed in Illinois as a Clinical Psychologist
      & Professional Clinical Counselor
Member of the American Psychological Association

• Doctorate in clinical psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago
• Master’s degree in counseling psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago
• B.A. in behavioral sciences from the Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva, Israel


I’ve worked with individuals from all walks of life and in a variety of settings. I began my career as an army social worker, and an officer in charge of women’s affairs. I served as a branch director of a headhunting and vocational recruitment agency. Subsequently, I worked for the local diplomatic mission to the Midwest, supporting the local Israeli community and diplomatic staff on issues related to immigration and acculturation. I served as a Clinical Supervisor at a child and family welfare agency, and a Clinical Supervisor and Co-Director of training program in psychology at a non-for-profit recovery program. I am a past member of the Board of Directors of the Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago.

areas of expertise

• Loss and grief counseling
• Self-image and identity issues
• Relationship issues
• Life crises and transitions
• Survivors of trauma and complex PTSD
• Group Therapy

current focus

• Private practice in Chicago and Skokie, Illinois
• Currently consulting for local businesses and companies

past experience

• Adjunct Professor at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. Teaching graduate courses on theory and practice of counseling and group psychotherapy.
• Clinical Supervisor at the inner city transitional program of the Chicago Christian Industrial League. Co-director of the training program in psychology, supervising members of the professional staff and graduate doctoral students in psychology. Assessment and treatment services to individuals recovering from substance abuse, trauma, incarceration, and homelessness. Consultation with program directors and management’s.
• Clinical supervisor at the Jewish Children's Bureau. Special needs adoption coordinator, clinician, and consultant to early childhood programs.

counseling services

there is no better time than now.

Individual Psychotherapy with Adults and Adolescents

• Depression and Anxiety
• Trauma, Grief and Loss
• AngerManagement
• Self-Image and Identity
• Men'sIssues
• Health Concerns and Illness
• Career and Work decisions
• Work/Life Balance
• Cultural and Immigration— Related Challenges

Couples and Family Psychotherapy

• Relationship Concerns
• Premarital and Marital Challenges
• Separation and Divorce
• Family Therapy and
   Parenting Guidance

Accelerated Psychotherapy

Focused and Condensed:
2–3 hour sessions

Services for Mental Health Professionals

• Impaired Professionals
• Consultation
• Clinical Supervision

Thank you so much for all your support during this difficult time for me. The time you devoted to listening and giving me feedback has kept me grounded and sure of myself as things seemed to get crazier and crazier. I would like to thank you for all the gifts you shared with me-- your intelligence, insight, humor, and ability to challenge me. I appreciate most your honesty and directness with me, and your willingness for me to be honest with you in return. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my experience with you.

D.B. – Chicago, IL

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your guidance, knowledge and words of wisdom have provided peace in our minds and change in our lives. If we could only give you diamonds to show you how appreciative we are of your efforts and dedication.

D.T. – Buffalo Grove, IL

Your presence will be missed. You made quite an impression on this agency, and we are all better for it. Your legacy of excellence in clinical work, practicality in its administration, commitment to clients, and appreciation for clinicians is an impressive one! Plus, you just rock, and I will miss your sense of humor.

M.C. – Northbrook, IL

Yael is Energetic, creative and talented professional. She is very respectful of and compassionate toward her clients, and seem to find a way to connect with each one. Clients’ participation speaks volumes about the quality of treatment that Yael Provides. Yael possesses excellent analytic, diagnostic and clinical skills. She is passionate about psychology and her work with clients. She is competent and trustworthy, and perhaps most crucial is that she is authentic in her communications. Yael is a person others can trust and count upon. She is warm, highly engaging, and has a wonderful sense of humor.

A.T. – Chicago, IL

My father always told me I could work out my problems myself. My father was a warm, loving and wise man but he was wrong about this. After decades of thinking I was 'working out' my problems, I realized (and it was brought to my attention) that I needed help. Lucky for me, I was referred to Yael Ron. Yael is a warm person who asked the right questions in a gentle way, listened to my responses and gave the kind of feedback that made me understand what I couldn't figure out on my own. She affirmed my feelings and because of this, I was able to look at troubling issues more clearly and then find the courage and strength to stand up for myself: something I couldn't seem to do before. I will always be grateful for the compassionate way Yael helped me.
Glenview, IL
Dr. Yael thanks for the time you spent with me on Monday. I learned more from you in that 1/2 hour (consultation) than I've learned in the past 4 years during my sessions (with my therapist).
Chicago, IL
Dr.Ron’s objective feedback and involvement is outstanding. Dr. Ron demonstrated a genuine positive regard. She is very talented and (I swear) has group therapy down to a science. Dr. Ron knows what a person is actually… subjectively experiencing. Dr. Ron, you have made a great influence in my life. You are brilliant! I learned so much from the group and you (with how you led and managed the group).

anonymous – Chicago, IL

What I know for sure is that Dr. Ron connected with each and every one of us in the group. I’m not sure that she knows her level of intuitiveness, and how insightful she is at the same time. Somehow she seems to have “seen” (on some level) everywhere we all have been in life thus far, and it was so evident. Somehow, her wisdom, authenticity, and interpersonal abilities transcend her seasoned therapeutic skills, and I found myself gleaning so much from her group techniques, style of relating to others, and integrity thereof.

J.C. – Chicago, IL

It is reassuring to have discovered a therapist who is a great listener and gives great advice. There have been many times in my life that I have been in some sort of crisis and didn't have a person I could confide in or get good advice from. It feels great to have found someone who is in my corner looking out for my best interests and is there to help me make the right decisions. After our session, it really seemed like I had more confidence about myself and just a few days later things completely turned around. You have steered me in a better direction and helped me believe in myself and feel better about myself. I feel like you genuinely care about me. It feels good to know that you are here if I need help.

T.H. – Wilmette, IL

Yael, you’ve been immensely helpful in this healing process. I've really appreciated your candor, strength, and insight. You've helped me realize that I've always had the tools to deal with my life issues. I just needed to open them up and start using them.

T.L. – Chicago, IL

Yael, Your help has been totally invaluable during a difficult time. I really searched a lot for someone very skilled who I thought could understand the issues, and I was so very fortunate to find you! You always helped me take a step back and try to look at things from a different perspective. With your help, things calmed down at home, you have genuinely cared throughout, putting a lot of energy and a lot of heart into doing your best to help. I am forever grateful to you Yael!

P.K. – Arlington Heights, IL

Dr. Ron, It's been a number of years since we talked last. I'm writing to say thank you for getting me through that rough patch in my life. I've been pretty much depression free since we last saw each other, much to your credit. So, a heartfelt thank you.

B.W. – Arlington Heights, IL

Yael, I find myself remembering the group therapy. I was so privileged to be a part of that process. It came as a painful awakening, after 7 years of psychotherapy, but an awakening that I still reflect on, and am so grateful to have experienced. You really stand out as one who inspired me tremendously. When I reflect, I think it was your level of empathy—the way you listened to my story and responded, that was so new to me, and so exceptionally healing. In those short weeks, you empowered me and encouraged me to reveal a more authentic sense of self. This was truly remarkable, and for those two things, I will always feel deeply grateful to you.

R.R. – Chicago, IL

Dr. Ron is an incredible instructor. She embodies everything I see myself being when I begin working with clients. Dr. Ron cultivated a highly effective, focused, and safe group environment. She seamlessly guided us between didactic and experiential aspect of group work.

Dr. Ron is amazing. She is what a professor should be, interactive, attentive, thought provoking, and knowledgeable.

anonymous – Chicago, IL

Dr. Ron, Thank you for all you’ve done to help (Daughter) over the years. You have definitely given her the tools to help along the way.

G.A. – Glenview, IL

You have really helped me turn a lot around and opened me up in ways I never thought possible. I had given up believing a long time ago that I could change certain things about myself and my life and felt like I just had to accept them. I was somewhat skeptical of the process coming in. I have already gotten far more out of this process than I thought possible. When I started therapy, life had become something that had to be endured. Now I have hope that things can get better. I am starting to enjoy myself again and find myself smiling a lot more. I see life as a bunch of possibilities instead of a cross to be carried. If I were to quit today I would already consider this process a huge success. You have been more than a therapist to me; you have also been like a mentor and guide to me.

T.H. – Gurnee, IL

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